South Sunwing
Full name South Sunwing
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Air/fire dragon mix
Element(s) Blue fire, electricity
Skill level Master, intermediate
Family Plum Rosewing (grandmother)
Garnet Rosewing (sister)
Frostious IcicleClaw (brother-in-law)
Frostbite IcicleClaw (nephew)
Dax Rivertail (adopted son)
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation Army (previously)
Civil police (currently)
Army rank Captain
Civil Police rank Officer
Created by DawnDragonscale
Belongs to DawnDragonscale
Comics Main comic

Personality & Character Edit

South is tough, friendly and loves her family. She wants justice more than anything (most of the time). She's very understanding and fair. When it comes to work she is very serious about it and will not rest until her job is finished. She couldn't care less about what other people think about her. She only respects others if they respect her back.

Skills & abilities Edit

Very skilled fighter and flyer. Acute hearing. Over the years she has been taking note of different dragons's fighting techniques and realized a pattern. She trains herself to develop a counter attack. It has taken her years to get this far and will take many more to completely master it.

Fire Edit

Create blue fire balls and throw them at her enemies. Cover her talons, back and horns in blue fire

Electricity Edit

Temporarily stun others (takes time for her to recharge). Basic electricity stuff

Weaknesses Edit

She sometimes overthinks in a battle and is torn between her job and her family.

Backstory Edit

During Dark war II South fought to protect her grandmother and younger sister, which was the only family she had left. After the war she was very close to death. Luckily her grandmother is a healing dragoness and revived her without a scar. They made their way to Warfang where they spent the rest of their lives. She enjoys training on physical and elemental attacks to the point where it became very difficult to improve.Years later when Dark war III started she joined Warfang's army. Two years later Garnet sent South a message that her egg is about to hatch. She immediately left the Army (respectively). When Frostbite hatched she fell in love with him. She decided to join the Civil police, since the probability of death is dramatically lower. She even became friends with Captain Valleira Glimmerscale.

Relationships Edit


Gallery Edit

Notes Edit


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