This is an elemental research about Stone element, a guideline.
All the mentioned abilities are the basics, and by no means are the only possible abilities of this element.
It's only used to show the differences in elemental levels.

Description Edit

Stone is an element of the Earth branch.

A stone/rock itself is a solid aggregate of different minerals or mineraloids. It is known to be used as a part of weapons, buildings, etc since the ancient times.

A stone user starts learning their elemental abilities with stone manipulation as it's the main focus of the element.

Skill levels & abilities Edit

Starter level: A user notices that they can slightly change the shape of stones, simple manipulations with quite small pieces of rock.

Intermediate level: The manipulation allows to shape not just pieces of stone, but solid surfaces, made of it, i.e. pavement, - growing acute spikes out of it, building stone walls in order to defend themselves.

The user may begin to learn the stone breath basics, but usually this move comes later.

Average level: All the previously levels' skills but stronger and more stable.

Master level: A greater control of stones gives an ability to shape it as if it was soft clay.

Unless acquired on the previous level, the stone breath is taught here.

The stone breath does not petrify the enemies, turning them into stone statues. This breath is grey/white mix, usually varies between the gas and "muddy" form. Once it hits something, it covers a part of it with a layer of a stone mass, which becomes solid in seconds. If a creature is hit with it, for example, their limbs, the limbs are immobilized, making the creature limited in movements. However, this layer can be broken more or less easily as it's quite thin.

Another move is hardening the scales, and for a short time the user can make themselves "hard as stone" without visible changes.

Guardian level: The stone manipulation takes less time to do.

The stone mass, shot as a breath, becomes harder to break. If it's not done sooner, the creature or thing will be covered by many layers of it, thus making it almost impossible.

The hardening of scales can be done for a few hours without breaks.

Notes Edit

  • There's rumoured to be a stone fury, but it's unknown how it looks like.

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