Full name Tinrek
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Dark dragon
Type Normal
Element(s) Stone
Skill level Starter
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Dark army status Omega
Intelligence Average
Can speak? No
Created by Darkanioid1997
Belongs to Darkanioid1997

Personality & Character Edit

Tinrek likes the taste of brains, or rather the fluid in the brains.

He will usually obey bigger Darkers, unless his current commander tells him otherwise.

Skills & abilities Edit

Liquid Stone Edit

He can breath stone as a liquid that can also function as a glue.

The glue stays wet as long as it is in contact with the tongue, alternatively Tinrek can dry it himself by controlling it.The glue can also be used to paste his victims and leave them defenseless.

Glue ball Edit

He can cover himself with glue and roll like a ball.

Tongue Edit

He has a tongue with suction mouths, the mouths can draw fluids or drool.

Liquids Drinking Edit

When the victim is defenseless, he puts his tongue through one of the victim's ears and makes its way to the brain. When he reaches his destination, he uses the small mouths to drink as many fluids that it can (while the victim screams in pain). He stops when no more fluid is left inside, and the victim dies.

Weaknesses Edit

He is vulnerable to pure light, and basically everything else, since he is very weak physically.

Backstory Edit

Nothing is known about Tinek's origins, no one in the army knows that he even exists.

He was discovered by the Darker Ehrkann in one of the caves. Tinrek thought he was his commander (because he had a "mask", had dark red color, and was bigger). He looked at him like a one-eyed dog, waiting for a response and rattling his tail (against his will). Ehrkann thought he could use a pet, and didn't kill him. (He ignored his tail, he considered it a kind of meaningless reflex)

Ehrkann was about to leave the cave after some time, and Tinrek followed. Ehrkann did not really want Tinrek to follow him everywhere, and told him to stop. Tinrek followed him, despite his orders. Ehrkann was in no mood to kill him, so he decided to fool him. He told him to sit and wait until he comes back, Tinrek listened and sat. Ehrkann chuckled a bit before he flew away, and never returned...

Relationships Edit

Ehrkann Edit

Tinrek sees him as a commander, and he will always be with him. Ehrkann sometimes played uncomfortable games with him like pull his tail, or throw him and catch him like a ball. However, he does not care. If they meet again, he will continue to follow and obey him.

Umbra Edit

Tinrek doesn't obey her, but he's curious about her. After he met her in the cave, he released his obsession to Ehrkann in order to follow her outside the cave.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Sometimes he acts and sounds like a dog;
  • He always drew mind fluids of birds and bats, He would like to do it with something bigger;
  • Ehrkann was the first Darker that Tinrek ever met;
  • He is very small, almost the size of Wormtail;
  • Whenever he noticed he rattling his tail, He pursues it while hissing.