Tori Jewelhorn
Full name Tori Jewelhorn
Also known as TJ
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Western dragon
Type Air dragon
Element(s) Wind
Skill level Intermediate
Family Amaris, Ganelle Feathertails (grandparents)
Zephyr Jewelhorn (father)
Plume Feathertail (mother)
Cirika Feathertail (aunt)
Isky Blackpaw (cousin)
Civil status 1st class civilian
Created by Xannador
Belongs to Xannador
Comics Main comic
Stranger Danger
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Tori Jewelhorn, also know by her nickname "TJ", is from a rich royal family and one of the main characters of Pure Light comic.

Personality & Character Edit

She is smart, kind and positive, greatly cares about her friends, but is spoiled with rich life.

Skills & Abilities Edit

She is able to give herself a boost and make a shield with her element.

Weaknesses Edit


Backstory Edit


Relationships Edit

Plume Feathertail Edit

She doesn't have a very good relationship with her mother, since Plume isn't that interested in her. Her mother was incredible annoyed, when she found out Tori had two friends, who weren't from the first class. She even outright forbid her from seeing her friends, when she found one of them was a digger. But her mother never bothered to see if she still did.

Zephyr Jewelhorn Edit

She doesn't have a very good relation with her father either. As a young girl, she was completly disburbed by the idea of an arranged marriage between her and Dorkus and refused it all the way.

Validor Starwing Edit

She is Vale's friend. They both have calm personalities and enjoy being with each other, doing things the others would think as boring. Like reading.

Electroy Thunderfang Edit

She is also friends with Electroy, although she doesn't always approve of his pranks and behaviour, she nonetheless enjoy his company.

Burner Phoenixwing Edit

She is friends with Burner too. She once offered to help Burner and his siblings out financially, but he refused.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit


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