Torveer Venomspine
Full name Torveer Venomspine
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Fire dragon
Element(s) Electricity
Skill level ???
Family Elora Venomspine (sister, deceased)
Stalagnis Venomspine (brother, deceased)
Drosera Venomspine (niece)
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation City Guard (pre-Dark War III)
None (retired) (currently)
Created by Kal0wen
Belongs to Kal0wen
Comics In the Beginning

Torveer Venomspine, Elora's older brother and Drosera's uncle.

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Before Dark War III Edit

In his youth Torveer and his siblings lived small dragon community in the shadow of the Guardian temple. As it turned out Torveer's older brother Stalagnis was chosen to train as an elemental guardian of earth, this meant that all the siblings were welcome to stay at the temple as well, and sit in on some elemental training. However, Torveer always felt like he wasn't as special as brother and not as loved as his baby sister, because of this he tended to act out.

Unfortunately Stalagnis's would never get to complete his training, as this was the time of the first Dark War. When the war reached the temple, Stalagnis decided to abandoned his post for his siblings. He hid his brother and sister throughout the fighting at the cost of his own life. After this Torveer and Elora moved to the dragon city.

In this time Torveer became a high ranking member of the city guard. The "City Guard" came before Ember's rein and the establishment of the Royal Guard. Followed by the second Dark War, Torveer fought along side Spyro (not directly) and the moles defending Warfang against Malefor's army.

When Malefor was defeated and the city made safe, Torveer was promoted to a captain of the City Guard.

Dark War III Edit

When the third Dark War began, Torveer took it upon himself to form a squadron and defend the city. During an evacuation of one of the small towns outside of Warfang, Elora accompanied the team and unfortunately suffered fatal wounds form a surprise darker attack. This destroyed Torveer mentally, to the point where he was unable to care for his young niece. 

Currently he lives in the 2nd class district in a sort of retirement home... Drosera visits him frequently, but her uncle can't forgive himself for not being better, trying harder, for losing.

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