Ukungu Silvermist
Full name Ukungu Silvermist
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Air/water dragon mix
Element(s) Mist
Skill level Guardian
Civil status 1st class civilian
Occupation Guardian
Created by Vallany
Belongs to Vallany

Ukungu Silvermist is the Guardian of Mist.

Personality & Character Edit

Quiet. Rarely speaks and if he does uses a smooth but creepy voice. Often licks his lips if there is a female in his presence. Female Guardians try to avoid him, because they always feel his hungry sight on their bodies. His apprentice is terrified of him. Doesn´t care about anything but gold and women and wouldn´t help anyone if he doesn´t have a profit from it. At night he would often go to the 3rd class district and force unfortunate females to closely interact with him for a ridiculous amount of gold.

Skills & abilities Edit

He knows everything that is to know about his element. Fury included.

Weaknesses Edit

He isn´t really fond of fire.

Backstory Edit

His parents died during the Bloody Dawn as they volunteered to fight against darkers. Ukungu didn´t seem to be affected by their deaths and after gaining their heritage as their only descendant he became one of the richest dragons in Warfang. Because of his wealth he is often invited to parties thrown by snobbish citizens of the 1st class district. He sees it as a good opportunity to "have some fun" and after everyone is drunk he often asks an unfortunate female to "get away from the noise and enjoy some fresh night air".  

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • His mane is always moist;
  • Some people think he suffers from insomnia, because he has dark circles under his eyes. Actually it´s just a colour of his scales.

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