Vihr Redbeak
Full name Vihr Redbeak
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Garuda
Civil status Freedom Flyer
Team Gamma
Created by RusCSI
Belongs to RusCSI

Personality & Character

Vihr is... "average", knows when to talk and when not.

Despite frequent chatters of "female not fight, take care of family", he actually admires female warriors.

Skills & abilities

Vihr has rather good (bird) vision, sharp claws. He's quite fast and agile in the air.

Also he is a master of spear wielding.


His main weakness is fire as it can render him flightless.


Vihr came to Warfang with a few other garuda survivors right before the Bloody Dawn. He was wounded by a darker on his way to the city, yet he managed to kill it and tore its tail blade as a trophy. He'd actually go to fight in the battle, but he was too weak and other tribe members didn't let him, "what of a warrior if he can't even stand on his own".

Later, once he got better, he made a spear out of his trophy blade and joined the Freedom Flyers.



  • Just as many other garudas, he talks in a broken language ("Vihr take lizard blade, Vihr make spear");
  • Garudas are known to be able to talk with many bird species on their "bird" language.

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