Full name White
Age Young adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Half-darker
Type Darker halfer
Element(s) Blood, poison
Skill level Guardian, unknown
Civil status Not a citizen of Warfang
Created by DragonofIceandFire
Redesign by RusCSI
Belongs to DragonofIceandFire

White is a rare being not just because he's white, but also because he's a darker halfer.

Personality & Character Edit

Sadistic, sarcastic, but can be serious if needed.

He will always attack first and think later, which results in him getting messing up with more powerful enemies. However, if he hadn't had this habit, he'd be long dead.

Skills & abilities Edit

White has mastered his blood element to a Guardian level. He can control other beings, make weapons and armour out of blood, for example. It is rumoured that he has learned the blood fury.

His second element, poison, isn't very developed, and he doesn't use it much... well, sometimes he forgets it exists. It can only paralyse for some time, so he mixes it with blood to make poisoned weapons.

Weaknesses Edit

He has no natural defence.

Backstory Edit

He was conceived by a female darker and a male dragon, with the female being the one who decided to initiate it for fun. It is unknown how he manage to survive and not be eaten due to his colours.

Relationships Edit

Photilarimas Edit

Once he encountered another darker halfer and almost killed her, but then got curious and decided to let her live. They stick together for now, as it's easier to survive and hunt.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • He can patch himself with his blood element, even all these scars he has, but he keeps the scars for a more badass look, to show his enemies that he is their worst pick;
  • Doesn’t mind drinking blood, can differentiate its taste. Probably he could be a nice drinking blood pal for Korfeo if he wasn’t a white halfer;
  • Likes to rip the hearts out and squish the blood outta it into his mouth, as if it was a sponge with water;
  • He's the youngest of 6 yet canon halfers.

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