Hello. I'm Xannador. But close friends tend to call me 'Xan, Xanna, or Xanny'.

I'm the person that came up with the main story of Pure Light and biggest part of it's universe. But ofcourse, I got many other people lending me a hand at creating and expanding it. So saying that I made it all by myself would be a lie! I mostly come up with the head ideas, in which other authors help me with extra designing and further development.

General information (bio) Edit

I'm 18 years old, Belgian boring piece of cowshit. I'm fluent at dutch and English, 'meh' at french and german but I do understand those without using google translate so I'll have that going for me.

I'm extremely lazy, a procrastinator of the worst degree and most people think I'm an asshole. And techniqally they are not mistaken.

Things that I love so much I cannot live without them Edit

  • making stories/ drawings (I'm addicted to that alright)
  • beautiful weather
  • the colour light blue
  • nature

Likes Edit

  • Epic music (favourite composer: Thomas Bergersen)
  • flying
  • dreaming

Dislikes Edit

  • studying
  • math
  • rude people
  • extreme stupidity

Things that I hate with a burning passion Edit

  • Anything made by activision
  • Skylanders. (Do not talk with me about this. I am 100% unreasonable about the subject. I hate the game, company, the explotation it causes, even the fans, so don't talk with me about it. I will just get angry at you if you do.)
  • stuff that everybody with common sense hates; terrorists, animal crulity, stepping on a lego, ...

Other facts Edit

  • I can become extremely competitive if I have a chance of winning.
  • I can go really far to make a point.
  • I have a problem with remembering names and faces. It's really annoying for me and also the people around me. For example; I bearly know the names of the people who've been sitting in my class for 2 years. I've already forgotten almost all my previous teachers' names, it took me 2 years to remember the names of my younger cousins, etc. Yes, it's quite extreme and I can't explain why it keeps happening to me. This whole name-forgetting thing has resulted into me giving a lot of characters of mine quite...special names (Doucheicus, Dorkus, King Julius Warfang, Casi, Dinkey, king Cardashian,...) I do this because otherwise I have a big chance of forgetting their names myself. I also tend to make character's faces and designs as different and diverse as possible so I can recognise them better.

Tools of use Edit

Digital: Edit

  • Gimp 2.0
  • app- Sketchbook pro (mainly)
  • my brain.

Traditional: Edit

  • paper, pencils, watercolors, etc.

Contribution Edit

Characters Edit

Dragons Edit

Darkers Edit

Other Edit

Stories Edit

Where to find me (links) Edit

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