Your Time is Over is a 59 seconds long animation made by LastKrystalDragon. The animation took 1 month in making, with frequent teasers uploaded to LastKrystalDragon's tumblr. It was made after the release of page 61 of chapter 3 of the main comic.

Events depicted Edit

The animation depicted the following events:

  • The Warfang Break In
  • General Cynder fighting Poisonbeak
  • Validor Starwing outside of the city
  • A flashback of Spyro turning mad
  • Cynder fearing that Validor might become like the other purple dragons
  • Hunter hitting Validor in the heart with a dark arrow
  • Validor falling down a cliff

Characters depicted Edit

Technical Detailes Edit

The animation itself is 51 seconds long, while the remaining 8 seconds are endcard.

The animation uses VOICIANS - A Matter Of Time (Metal Version by Wontolla) as a soundtrack.

References Edit

Full animation -

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