Zadioros Flamingclaw
Full name Zadioros Flamingclaw
Also known as Zed
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Fire/ice dragon mix
Element(s) Blue fire
Skill level Intermediate
Family Neferro Flamingclaw (father)
Zaria Iceclaw (mother)
Civil status 2nd class civilian
Occupation Scholar
Created by CelestialCore919
Belongs to StardustDragon258

Personality & Character Edit

Curious, friendly, caring, helpful, cheerful.

Skills & Abilities Edit

He can breath blue fire.

Backstory Edit

His parents always attended every party held by Crucios Redhorn, even after Zed was born. Few years later the stopped for Zed's good (unless they were invited). But his father started then paying less attention to Zed and his job and goal... only, his goal was to get into 1st Class district. And so only his mother gave him the amount of attention as he deserved, Zed was raised to be helpful and caring like his mother.

Relationships Edit

Zaria Iceclaw Edit

Zed and his mother get along well, they will both listen to each other and share their secrets. They both love each other very much/

Nerro Flamingclaw Edit

They barely talk to each other, Zed always tries to get his fathers attention by telling him the best news of his life or his nightmares, but he doesn't reply at all but if he does reply, it will be something like 'Yeah, yeah that's... fab'.

Maria Redhorn Edit

Zed saved Maria from the creeps in 3rd class district, they didn't start their friendship well, but later on they got along. Now they're friends.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

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