Zayin Petaltail
Full name Zayin Petaltail
Age Adult
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Earth dragon
Element(s) Nature
Skill level Master
Family unnamed mate (alive)
Florence Petaltail (daughter)
Civil status Freedom Flyer
Team Delta
Created by DragonOfIceAndFire
Belongs to Desrosaur

Personality & Character Edit

Cheerful, the jokester among his peers. Often spawns vines to trip people as a prank. Mostly Flame.

Loves his daughter above anything else.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Zayin can fire powerfull energy seeds that burst into more seeds creating a cluster bomb effect, can spawn plants, vines, etc. pretty much out of thin air. He can make weapons and defenses with his nature element. Imagine thick forests of thorny vines. Useful for getting away from a pack of darkers. For added Defense he can cover his body in thick thorn covered vines.

Weaknesses Edit

His scales are like hardened petals letting him deflect physical injury better than one would imagine but the trade of with that is hes much more flamable. Just some sparks are are enough to set him on fire. Same goes for his feathers.

Backstory Edit

Zayin was a Guardian apprentice when he was young. It's unclear why he dropped out, something about it not being 'adventurous' enough. 

Zayin fought and was badly wounded quite early during Bloody Dawn, but he survived. Shortly after he joined the Freedom Flyers as a means of protecting his daughter in the long run.

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