Zeth Magmablade
Full name Zeth Magmablade
Also known as Zeezee, Z
Age Teen
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Western dragon
Type Fire dragon
Element(s) Blue Fire
Skill level Average
Family ??? (father)
Lumina Magmablade (mother)
Selenia Magmablade (sister)
Luna Magmablade (step-sister, deceased)
Civil status 3rd class civilian
Occupation Scholar
Mine digger
Created by Dragonsia-san
Redesign by Dragonsia-san
Belongs to Dragonsia-san

Personality & Character Edit


Skills & abilities Edit

Fire breath Edit

His breath is of a normal average level, it's very hot and causes burns. He can either breath a 'long' breath or a 'spit' breath.

Fire balls Edit

Zeth can create blue fire balls in his paws instead of breathing it.

Blue Fire Wall/barrier Edit

Zeth learned that technique from his private teacher, he can create a wall of blue fire to keep his enemies away from him, it's almost big as a masters level. Or he creates a blue fire shield to protect himself from his enemies and their attacks.

Blue fire cannon Edit

Zeth also learned this from his private teacher, he can fire 5 explosive bombs at once. He loves that technique.

Weaknesses Edit

Zeth doesn't like it if your talking about him badly or his family, it doesn't end well.

Zeth is also weak to Ice and Water elements.

Backstory Edit


Relationships Edit


Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Zeth's creation started with a Geography lesson. The creator got interested in the Earth's Mantle (Lava), and created Zeth. Eventually that changed during a science lesson whilst exploring the colors of fire.
  • Zeth had never met his father.
  • Although Zeth never met his father and hates him with pure passion, Zeth want to know who he is or was.

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